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"Thanks for the phone call and time you spent with me finding the right solution for our new training center... we will be using the Testking Q&A with all of our Cisco courses. We really love the ease of using the control panel, and we still maintain control over the sale price. Its perfect!"

- Michael W.
(Cisco/Networking Training Coordinator)

"In the beginning I thought that managing customers would be a chore, but its really easy. Now I find myself suggesting new testking.com products and using the mark up to pay for my CCIE certification."

- B.J.

"I am making a great living at marketing Info Tech certifications training, and by far testking.com products are the easiest to interest people in. By setting my own retail price, I have been able to generate more sales by adjusting the prices when the situation allowed. We both have many happy customers. Thanks!"

- Joe Whedon

Reselling Testking products is easy
To become a distributor of Test King exam preparation aids, simply:
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Resell at cost to your customers, or make a fair profit for your time and effort. It's totally up to you.

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To find out more, either check out the FAQs below, or go here for more details:

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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How does the reseller's program work?
  2. How is it different from the affiliates program?
  3. Which program is right for me?
  4. Is there a fee for joining?
  5. Why must I make a deposit?
  6. Who holds on to my deposit? How do I know it's safe?
  7. Do I get my deposit back? If so, when?
  8. How do I pay for products I purchase to resell?
  9. Are greater discounts available for greater volume?
  10. Will I incur any risk of loss?
  11. Will I have to provide customer support?
  12. What happens if one of my customers fails? Do I have to honor the TestKing guarantee?
  13. How are the products delivered to me?
  14. How do I deliver products to my customers?
  15. How do I get started?
  16. Do my customers have to access the Testking site to get their products?
  17. Do I have to have a website to have a reseller account?
  18. Is there a markup limit I have to maintain? Can I sell products at ANY price I choose?
  19. Do my reseller clients pay me, or pay Testking?
  20. Do I get any benefit for referring other resellers?
  21. I have signed up but I have some further questions who do I contact regarding help?
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